What We've Been Watching

What We've Been Watching

We’ve been doing our research

Here is our compiled list of all the best things we’ve watched during Quarantine. There may be some old, there may be some new. There may be some free, there may be some rentals in your future. We just wanted to put our research to good use.


1. Waco (streaming on Netflix)
2. #BlackAF (streaming on Netflix)
3. The Crown (streaming on Netflix)
4. The Chef Show (streaming on Netflix)
5. Narcos (streaming on Netflix)


1. Peaky Blinders (streaming on Netflix)
2. The Staircase (streaming on Netflix)
3. Stranger Things (streaming on Netflix)
4. The Crown (streaming on Netflix)
5. Grand Designs (streaming on Netflix)


1. Golden Girls (Streaming on Hulu)
2. Everyone Loves Raymond (Syndicated on cable)
3. Married at First Sight (Streaming on Netflix + on Lifetime)
4. Summer House (On Bravo)
5. Forensic Files (Syndicated on HLN, Court TV, truTV, TLC, NBC, Discovery Life)
6. American Greed (Streaming on Hulu)
7. House Hunters (On HGTV)
8. Lottery Dream Home (On HGTV)


1. After Life (streaming on Netflix)
2. Derry Girls (streaming on Netflix)
3. Curb your Enthusiasm (streaming on Hulu)
4. Goodfellas (streaming on Netflix)
5. The Player (Available on Amazon Prime for Rent)
6. Best in Show (or pretty much anything Christopher Guest) (Available on Amazon Prime for Rent)
7. Moone Boy (streaming on Britbox)
8. Broadchurch (streaming on Britbox)


1. Vintage Sesame Street (streaming on HBO via Amazon Prime)
2. Ozark (streaming on Netflix)


1. Parks and Rec (streaming on Netflix + Hulu)
2. Arrested Development (streaming on Netflix)
3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (streaming on Hulu)


1. Ozark (streaming on Netflix)
2. Breaking Bad (streaming on Netflix)
3. Parks and Rec (streaming on Netflix + Hulu)
4. New Girl (streaming on Netflix)
5. Dexter (streaming on Netflix +Hulu)


1. Sopranos (streaming on Hulu)
2. Deadliest Catch (streaming on Hulu)
3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (streaming on Hulu)
4. Live PD (streaming on Hulu)
5. Chef’s Table (streaming on Netflix)
6. HGTV Gems (on HGTV)


1. Jaws (available on Amazon Prime for rent)
2. Stepbrothers (streaming on Netflix)
3. Sweet Home Alabama (available on Amazon Prime for rent)
4. Avengers Endgame (streaming on Disney+)
5. Cocktail (available on Amazon Prime for rent)
6. Ozark (streaming on Netflix)
7. Peaky Blinders (streaming on Netflix)
8. The English Game (streaming on Netflix)
9. The Crown (streaming on Netflix)
10. A Series of Unfortunate Events (streaming on Netflix)


1. Any John Mulaney Comedy Special (streaming on Netflix)
2. Arrested Development (streaming on Netflix)
3. Schitts Creek (streaming on Netflix)
4. The Great British Baking Show (streaming on Netflix)
5. Friends (Nowhere)


1. Twin Peaks (streaming on Netflix)
2. Dispatches from Elsewhere (On AMC)
3. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Streaming on HBO Go)
4. This is The End (streaming on Netflix)
5. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

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