A Podcast about Philadelphia and the people who live here, with a little Real Estate sprinkled in

with Bill Ball and Kristin McFeely


It is one of our favorite times of year for beer and childhood memories, spooky season!

Our Halloween episode wraps up season 2, so grab your favorite pumpkin beer and join us as we reminisce about Trick-or-treating, movies and Halloween traditions!

Featured drinks: Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin, Southern Tier PumKing, Dogfish Head Pumkin Ale


Kristin and Dina are traveling this week, so Bill is joined by two other Philly Home Collective team members, Joe Morrison & Dan Giannetto to discuss their top 5 Philly area golf recommendations.

The guys list both public and private courses for that golfer that is new to Philadelphia. Due to scheduling issues, we had to record in the morning, so no booze! It was a morning coffee episode... Which explains the reason for a beverages below...

Featured drinks: La Colombe Corsica, Nespresso, and Fante's Organic Love


Today we mix it up a bit and talk about some of our favorite real estate movies/shows & characters. From Phil Dumphy of Modern Family, to Jason Bateman's character in The Break-Up, realtors & real estate sometimes play a significant role in our favorite stories.

Also in Dina's Downloads we learn that the Queen was an AirBnB host?! Would you like to rent out one of the Queen's royal residences? Well then grab a cocktail and join us for Happy Hour!

Featured drinks: New Ridge Brewing Co.'s Horror Business, Modelo, Shina's Estate - The Verdict Cabernet


In this episode, friend of the show, Madeline Dobbs stops by for a chat with the Happy Hour crew. Madeline is a Compass agent in DE & PA and has helped the Philly Home Collective many times with clients looking for homes in DE and southern Chester County. She is also the author of soon-to-be-released, "How to Sell a House in 30 Days", and teaches a night class on the subject. In segment 3, Kristin subs for Dina and discusses some 'Delco Downloads', and Bill gives us his latest 'Burb-servation' after two months living in New Jersey. We sound better when you are buzzed up, so grab a cocktail and join us for happy hour!

Social links: Madeline Dobbs' IG: @moremadelinedobbs Madeline Dobbs’ Compass profile

Featured drinks: Lancaster Brewing Company - Baked Pumpkin Ale, Double Nickel Brewery - Belgian Golden Ale

Let's face it, a lot of people have moved into new homes over the last few years. The seller's market was a crazy place, and buyers were busting to live in a new space. It seems to be slowing down enough for us to start to reflect back on it and catch up with some homebuyers and their 'move' story. The first one just happens to be our very own Bill Ball's story on moving from South Philly to South Jersey. We dive deep into why he chose the 'burbs, why now, and did he lose his marbles during the process?... Also in Dina's Downloads, we talk about trying to beat the heat with one city's attempt to create 'invisible shade'. We sound better when you are buzzed up, so grab a cocktail and join us for Happy Hour!

Featured Drinks: Gripah Grapefruit IPA, Trail Hopper IPA, Casamigos tequila

Kristin is on vacation this week, so Bill & Dina settle in for a quick chat about future development plans in the city. Philly has some interesting developments on the horizon, and we are here for it! What housing is being built down in the Navy Yard? Are the Sixers moving from South Philly into Center City? Didn't they just build the Wells Fargo Center, like a few years ago...? How will these plans impact the city? We also talk about losing two major icons recently, and we are sad about it. RIP to Paulie Walnuts of Sopranos fame, and the Klondike Choco Taco.It's hot as hell out there, so mix your favorite beverage and join us for a cold one!

Featured drinks: Modelo (fancy gold flake bottle piece), High Noon (vodka, soda, pineapple)

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