Tiff & Lauren

Tiff & Lauren

One thing is for sure, when Tiffany and Lauren moved into their classic Philly row on 8th Street, they knew they needed to add some color to truly make it their own. With bright, vibrant colors, fun accents and décor to match, this house quickly became home. From hosting dinner parties, to watching their two pups and cat play, to Italian Market hauls, to Whitney Houston dance parties. This is the story of 1201 South 8th Street.
Tiff, Lauren, Roxie, Sonny +Toulouse
1201 South 8th Street | Passyunk Square
Represented by Kristin McFeely

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

Colorful, modern, and vintage

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

We are the champions by Queen or Dance with somebody by Whitney Houston

How would you describe your neighborhood?

Lively, a foodie paradise, walkable, entertaining

If you could use your house as the setting for a remake of a movie, which movie would it be?

A scene from the TV show modern family or the movie Julie & Julia

What was your non-negotiable when it came to finding your dream home?

We wanted a great location surrounded by awesome amenities and a nice sized kitchen and bathroom.

What's your favorite room? Why?

We spend a ton of time in the kitchen and the private second-floor outdoor space, which is a great place to have a drink with friends.

What is one thing you need in your home to make it yours?

Color and great décor

What makes you (or your family) laugh?

Fun tv shows and playing with our pets

If you could throw a theme party in your house, what would be the theme?

Rupauls Drag Race or Chopped

A day spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?

The best day in our neighborhood includes a trip to Rival Brothers coffee for a latte, breakfast at The Dutch (you have to get the Dutch Baby with berries, lemon zest, and powdered sugar), a trip to Jinxed to browse their vintage finds, a stop by Claudios in the Italian market, dinner at Barcelona, and dessert at Paris bistro, then nightcap/watch a game at the Garage bar or the POPE.

How has your home changed from move-in day?

It’s more colorful and vibrant

What's your favorite memory of your home?

We fill our home yearly with friends and loved ones for a Friendsgiving event that has brought many memories!

What was the catalyst to you purchasing a new home?

We are hoping to move closer to where we work.

What's your favorite piece of Philly culture?

The food, the arts, the sports, and most importantly, the long history of Philadelphians coming together to stand up against injustice.
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren
Tiff & Lauren

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