The Home Collective At Home

The Home Collective At Home

It’s been a bit of an adjustment

We feel like that’s probably the understatement of the century, but we wanted to share how we have set up our workstations now that we are all working from home. And give you some pieces of advice along the way! Take a journey through our agent's home offices:

Bill Ball

For us, home has always been important. But it just became so much more. Now, it's your office, your children's classroom, your gym, and your favorite restaurant.
Our agents are making the best out of working from home. For Bill, that means adding some personal goals to his workstation and exercising his willpower. Be like Bill. Stay home + drink responsibly.

Joe Morrison

On days like today when the weather is beautiful, but you're stuck inside, we have one rule of thumb - follow your pet. If anyone is an expert on your home, it's them. They have the intel on where to find the sun at any time of day.
For Joe, midday means following Merl into the alcove for some scattered rays of sunshine. He keeps his workstation distraction-free, but every so often he loves to stretch out and take a power nap on the bench. We're talking about Merl... Be like Joe and Merl. Stay home + remember to get some sun.

Dan Giannetto

Working from home is a new concept for a lot of us. It may have taken some time to adjust to a new schedule and find that balance of when to shut off work and taking some time for yourself.
Dan throws on an educational documentary during his work day to keep things light in his home office. Be like Dan. Stay home + learn why not to buy tigers online.

Deirdre Affel

Adjust. It's a word being thrown around a lot lately - learning to adjust to the circumstances. Adjusting your schedule. Adjusting a space in your home to emulate a place where you feel most productive.
For Deirdre, that means setting up a little corner of her home just like she would in the office. Be like Deirdre. Stay home + bring the office to you.

Sheena Marziano

It may be getting a little chaotic in your household right now. From animals running around to kids in various stages of their lives trying to cope with being inside all day, to husbands, wives, and partners popping in while you’re on a Zoom call. Creating a safe space where you feel comfortable to let out your grievances is so important.
For Sheena, that means hiring HR representative, Robbie J. Ball, for all internal complaints at the Ball residence. If we’re being honest, most of the complaints are about him - he rarely takes things seriously, stays up all night and sleeps on the job, and does most of the whining. But, they’re making it work. Be like Sheena. Stay home + promote open communication amid the chaos.

Kristin Mcfeely

We're here to tell you that no one was quarantine ready. There is/was no way to plan for this, so it's understandable that things are up in the air. For so many of our clients who were in the midst of packing or moving or buying or selling, pausing things can cause a lot of anxiety. But also, just a lot of your things everywhere.
For Kristin, being in the process of packing means she has to get crafty with her work setup day to day. One day, it's tunneling into the bubble wrap, and the next, it's setting up on the bed with views of the Mt. Everest of shoes. Be like Kristin. Stay home + make the most out of your change of scenery.

Stefania Zuccarini

Has anyone else felt like they've just been snacking all day? It's easy to be tempted to snack when you're working a couple of feet from the kitchen. With easy access comes great responsibility (or should we say willpower).
Stefania likes to set up her workstation with all the snacks laid out, like the live-action version of the angel and devil on your shoulder. We'd also like to mention the dichotomy of the zip ties on the cabinets and refrigerator versus the freshly baked cakes out of the oven. The Zuccarinis don't play around. Be like Stef. Stay home + bake that cake.

Missy Giannetto

You may be hitting that point where the kids are getting restless. Or you may have hit it the first week... Distance learning is difficult. It's also difficult when the schoolwork is done for the day and now there's a need for new entertainment. Teachers + parents are rockstars and it's really showing.
For Missy, that means setting up shop in the heart of the action so she doesn't have to keep answering the question, "Did you see that?" Disclaimer: any dropped calls were literally dropped. Be like Missy. Stay home + entertain the kids at all costs.

Sean Roche

Essential workers are out on the frontlines every day, fighting to keep us safe and healthy. We want to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to our communities.
For Sean, that means spending a lot of time online food and alcohol shopping to support our local delivery services. We're not saying he has a problem... But we're not not saying it. Be like Sean. Stay home + support local by ordering delivery in your neighborhood.

Sean Gallagher

Accountability. In an office, it's easy to find ways to be accountable for yourself and your work. Whether it be from your coworkers, your snack reward system, or just that clock reading that magic time, there was always something to keep you motivated to finish your work for the day. In quarantine, it's a little bit harder to find something to hold you accountable.
For Sean (Agent Sean *read in the voice of James Bond*), he spends his days with a captured audience. The stare-down may be because Zeus needs his worm to be thrown or it may be because Sean hasn't finished his work yet. Who's to say? Be like Sean. Stay home + find someone to hold you accountable.

Zoe Fox

By now you're probably on day 38 of your favorite pair of sweatpants. We aren't judging, we are too. But we thought what better time to bring up fashion and ask some hard-hitting questions? Are we going to keep the trend of sweatpants once we're back in the office? Can we fit it back into our jeans? Are we starting to really like how business on the top and no pants on the bottom looks?
For Zoe, that means taking some advice from her trusted mini-me, Lili, to stay on trend for at-home fashion. With a daring look of lemons on the top and a rainbow unicorn on the bottom, she gives "stay at home" a fresh new feel. Be like Zoe. Stay home + mix those patterns.

Carly Harris

Keeping a regimented schedule right now is hard. But we're here to tell you that it's okay if your Tuesday is a little less organized than your Monday. If you start with a few things you do every morning and work to keep that consistent, the rest will follow.
For Carly, having a morning cup of coffee before diving into her work is the key to getting her days started right. For Paul, his mornings are a little different, but he's got his routine. Be like Carly. Stay home + take it one step at a time.

Dina Cirignano

Passion projects. For so many of us, we have looked to new and intriguing things to keep ourselves busy during this time. Finding new passions, new skills, or even a new hobby. And just for some clarification, we 100% believe that starting a new Netflix series constitutes a passion project.
For Dina, that means setting her workspace up for success with every new venture she can think of. She starts her mornings by answering emails. By afternoon, she's sewed three sweaters. By night, she's written an album on the guitar. By later that night, she's helping move college students into their dorms with her wheely cart. Not everyone can be like Dina. But stay home + maybe you'll find a new passion.
We’re staying home.

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