Covid-Safe Getaways

Covid-Safe Getaways

Sometimes a getaway is all you need to recoup, relax and refresh from all this working from home. Check out some recommendations from the team who have taken Covid-safe trips during quarantine.

Zoe’s Getaway: Maryland

Maryland is absolutely gorgeous! We were lucky enough to snag a fabulous AirBnb for Andrew’s 40th, about 3.5 hours south of Philly. We were secluded in the woods right on the St. Mary’s River. We learned how to catch crabs off the dock and Lili got to go fishing with her grandpas which we found out she is obsessed with!! We even found this great seafood trailer posted up in the parking lot called Saturday’s Choice crabs, shrimp, crawfish, you name it. Heaven! The best part was visiting the Point Lookout State Park which is at the southernmost tip of Maryland and where the Potomac and Chesapeake rivers meet to dump into the ocean, we just so happened to be there in the peak of the monarch butterfly migration which was truly spectacular to witness. 10/10 would go again, highly recommended!
- Zoe Fox

Missy + Dan’s Getaway: Yellowstone/jackson Hole

A trip to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole is a must! You will more than get your fill of wildlife, gorgeous scenery, exercise, and some sense of adventure. For the Yellowstone portion of your trip, you may find yourself driving between The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to the West Thumb Geyser Basin, to the Mammoth Hot Springs. Along the way, you can stop to hike a trail or take pictures of the bison (don't get too close!). Your journey continues down to Jackson Hole where there is horseback riding (up the side of a mountain!), white water rafting, or watching an authentic rodeo. To top it off, the town of Jackson Hole is fantastic, with fun shopping ( I can't get enough antler souvenirs) and delicious restaurants.
- Missy Giannetto

Bill + Sheena’s Getaway: Ocean City

We rented a small Airbnb in OCNJ within walking distance of the boardwalks post-MDW in an attempt to avoid large crowds. It was our first family vacation and Robbie’s first time at the beach ever. It was so exciting watching him dip his feet in the ocean for the first time ever- he loved it so much we now refer to him as a hermit crab. Vacationing during a pandemic is different but all of the businesses and patrons were very respectful of people’s space. Our favorite restaurant was a little Mexican place appropriately called Guacamole where they make the guacamole fresh at the table! We can’t wait to go back next year!
- Sheena Marziano

Kristin’s Getaway: Lake George

Billy and I decided to take a last-minute road trip to Lake George, NY for a long weekend to catch the end of the fall foliage. In the midst of a long and unpredictable election week living in a swing state, a desire to skip town for a few days seemed more appealing than ever. We found the coziest Airbnb cabin on the lake, recommended to us by my dear friend, Sharon Steele, and it did not disappoint. We enjoyed cocktails by the fire, reading on the deck overlooking the lake, and exploring local breweries. On the way home, we explored the lovely town of Kingston, NY nestled in the Hudson Valley, and had one of the best meals we've had in a long time. The pace was slow and the weather was absolutely perfect: an ideal weekend getaway.
- Kristin McFeely

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