Chelsea + Justin's Home Renovation

Chelsea + Justin's Home Renovation

Any renovation can seem daunting, so we wanted to take you through the process with a first-hand account. When Chelsea and Justin moved into their home at 913 Penn Valley Road, they knew they had a huge project ahead of them renovating the 80’s style kitchen, the boxy living room, and the Barbie-pink bathroom.
Check out their home renovation process below (spoiler alert the results are incredible!)
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The Starting Point:

“We would do it again for sure. It was nerve-wracking at first but seeing the finished product makes it all worth it.” - Justin and Chelsea.

The Process:

Which Areas of the Home Did You Renovate?
Kitchen, dining room, living room, and all the bathrooms.
What Were the Things You Didn't Like About the Old Layout That Made You Decide to Renovate?
The kitchen was straight out of the 80s and one of the bathrooms was pink... like Barbie pink. Plus it was a little boxy and we really appreciate more of an open floorplan.
How Did You Plan the Design and Where Did You Pull Inspiration From?
Chelsea and her mother did all the planning. Her mother has a passion for interior design so it was great for them to be able to collaborate.
What Was Your First Meal in the New Kitchen?
Champagne and sushi. We were actually too tired from living through construction to cook.
If You Could Use Your House as the Setting for a Remake of a Movie, Which Movie Would It Be?
The Holiday. Snuggle up with the fireplace and enjoy some nice hot cocoa.
What Was Your Favorite Part of the Renovation?
Seeing the wall gets taken down and the giant beam gets installed.
What Were the Biggest Challenges With the Project?
Having to live in the house and work throughout. When the floors were stained, we couldn't use the kitchen or either of the full bathrooms.
Did Any of the Plans Change After the Renovation Had Begun?
Yes, we moved the sink from under the window to the island and then had to make the island bigger. Which in the end worked out perfectly.
When You Moved Into the House, Did You Know You Wanted to Do a Renovation?
100%. We knew the kitchen/living room had to be done immediately. We actually waited a year to tackle the bathrooms.
After Completing Such a Big Project, Do You Think You Would Do It Again in the Future? What Did You Learn During the Process?
We would do it again for sure. It was nerve-wracking at first but seeing the finished product makes it all worth it. Don't cut corners and have a backup budget in case something goes wrong or you want to upgrade one aspect.
What's Your Favorite Room in the House?
Our baby June's room. It's so cozy and cute.
Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time in Your Home?
In the kitchen for sure. Justin is always cooking and Chelsea is usually playing with the baby in the living room.
What is One Thing You Need in Your Home to Make It Yours?
Love. It's cliché but having pictures of family and friends hanging brings a warmth that you can feel as soon as you walk into a home.
What's Your Favorite Memory of Your Home?
This was our first home and we welcomed our first child into our life here. It will always be very special to us and it's going to be hard to say goodbye.
What Makes You (or Your Family) Laugh?
Watching our baby play with our puppy. They are just so cute together.
What Will You Miss Most About This Home?
The big bay window. In the winter when it snows the neighborhood is so beautiful. We love sitting on the couch with a nice cup of coffee or cocoa and watching it come down.

The Transformation:

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