4 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home With Spring Bulbs

4 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home With Spring Bulbs

Written by Zoe Fox
Spring Is Coming!
Here are 4 simple tips for bringing spring bulbs in to brighten up your table:

Tip #1

At your local florist, farmer’s market or grocery store look for blooms that aren't quite open yet. Kind of like green bananas, you'll have longer to enjoy them. Especially with tulips and daffodils, try to get blooms that are still tight.

Tip #2

When you get home, use a sharp pair of scissors to give the flowers a fresh cut, about 1-2" up the stem before immediately placing them in a deep vase of fresh, cold water.

Tip #3

Keep your flowers out of direct heat and harsh light, a little bit of sun is ok and you may even notice your tulips will stretch towards the light.

Tip #4

The best thing you can do for your flowers is change their water each day or every other day. Quick water changes will keep your blooms looking freshest for longer.

Local Places to Get Spring Flowers

Jig-Bee Flower Farm
Rittenhouse Saturday Farmer’s Market

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