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Meet Madeline Dobbs

What area(s) do you service?
Brandywine Valley of DE & PA (Chester County, Delaware County, State of DE)
How did you get into real estate and what do you love about it?
The idea came while sipping Vinho Verde in Lisbon with my husband the architect. We dreamt about becoming developers. I enrolled in RE school. As I sat in class, I had a hunch that there was an opportunity to use everything I learned in my marketing career to sell houses and engage clients.
Where do you currently live?
West Chester Borough
What makes living in your area so special?
The dogs and their people. Dogs are welcome at shops & restaurants. I've yet to hear a growl. People are so friendly and involved in the community.
A workday spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?
First stop, car wash. Last stop is probably getting gas and taking the scenic route home to wind down.
Best restaurant/bar? Favorite spot for coffee?
Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville. Cathy's Coffee Bar/Dolce Dia Cupcakes in West Chester
A day in the life: how are you spending a day off in your neighborhood/area?
Saturday is my day off. I start off with Zumba in Marshall Square Park, farmers market, hanging out at our old new house that we are renovating, obsessing over design ideas, falafel lunch at La Tartine, walking around town. (I am terrible at Zumba by the way)
What's your favorite hidden gem?
Gemelli Gelato
What is your favorite piece of your area's culture?
We are a quick drive to Longwood Gardens. Alway transformative
Tell us a fun fact about you!
Our house was featured in Delaware Today Magazine.
Contact Madeline by email at [email protected], follow her on Instagram at @Moremadeline, or check out her website at www.MoreBVHomes.com

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