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Meet Leslie Heindel + Heather Shields:

What area(s) do you service?
Leslie: New Orleans and the metro area
Heather: New Orleans and surrounding areas
How did you get into real estate and what do you love about it?
Leslie: My mom kept asking to get licensed to help manage her office. I agreed, reluctantly, but swore I would not sell real estate! Within a year, I was rookie of the year! Lol
Heather: My parents really planted the real estate bug in me. My Mom specifically. From as early as I can remember she took us to open houses. She would tell us what worked about the house, what didn't and how it could be better. My parents ended up building several houses, I was always intrigued with watching a piece of land transform into a home, however my real passion are old homes. To me there is something so humbling about looking at house that has stood over 100 years. I think about all the life that has been lived there, the stories the walls could tell and the storms it's weathered. When I moved to New Orleans I fell hard for this city: the people, the neighborhoods and the architecture. Diving into real estate seemed like a natural fit. I get to immerse myself in the city I love, help others discover it and/or take ownership in it. When someone is buying or selling a home, it's bigger than a transaction. They are reaching goals, making dreams a reality and investing in themselves and our community. Real estate is interesting because it can be deeply rooted, but always changing. I get to wear different hats everyday- it's exciting and it's an honor to be on this journey with my clients!
What made you want to live in your current area?
Leslie: Born and raised in New Orleans! I don't think I could really live anywhere else. Despite hurricanes & the humidity - there is nothing like New Orleans!
Heather: It was just a feeling, it felt good here, like home!
What makes living in your area so special?
Leslie: The culture and the people! We are unlike anywhere else. You need to be able to go with the flow and pivot easily because this city is always up to something. There is a community here that really supports one another in a way that other cities don't have to rely on. From our community fridges & pantries, to good old fashioned helping out your neighbor after a hurricane - New Orleanians don't let anyone fall behind or go without.
Heather: The people. New Orleanians love to talk. And to dance. And to live. The people are just some of the most fun, warm, gracious, and loving humans you'll ever know! Oh, and the architecture is pretty spectacular!
A workday spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?
Leslie: First stop is Hi Volt for iced tea that will give me the punch of caffeine I need! Also they have the best vegan carrot cake muffin. Last stop - these days it would be Bijou restaurant for a glass of Croatian wine!
Heather: First up: Grab a quick coffee & muffin before heading out of my neighborhood at Tout de Suite Last Stop: The levee overlooking the Mississippi River to watch the sun go down
Best restaurant/bar? Favorite spot for coffee?
Leslie: It's the literal hardest thing to do when asking a local for the best restaurant and bar because we have the best of the best! My favorite restaurant is Peche for amazing oysters and seafood. I don't drink coffee- but my favorite place for iced tea is Mayhew Bakery.
Heather: Brunch is my favorite meal and I love Patois for brunch! My go-to coffee spot is Congregation Coffee. They roast the beans on-site so it's always super fresh and smells like heaven!
A day in the life: how are you spending a day off in your neighborhood/area?
Leslie: What's a day off?! My ideal day off would involve shrimp poboys at Parkway Bakery, then stroll through the Bayou St. John neighborhood for Instagram pics, and then head to Clesi's for my favorite boiled crawfish!
Heather: I'd start my day walking around the Audubon Zoo just hollerin’ hi to all the animals. From there I'd head over to Domilise's to get a Roast Beef Po Boy and a Root Beer. Then off to Magazine Street to do some walking and shopping. To end the day, I pop in to my favorite ice cream spot, Creole Creamry and treat myself to a chocolate shake. That's a good day!
What's your favorite hidden gem?
Leslie: Bijou. They are fairly new and on the edge of the quarter. The food is divine and it's not overflowing with people!
Heather: N7, it's not so much hidden anymore but it still feels like you are in on the best secret when you are there!
What is your favorite piece of your area's culture?
Leslie: The way we obsess over food. We are real bougie about it and the city will take you down if you try to put tomatoes in your gumbo or eat King Cake out of season.
Heather: Music, specifically brass bands.
Tell us a fun fact about you!
Leslie: I have a lemon tattoo on me that people think is cute. Little do they know, I got it because of the Beyonce album "Lemonade". LOL
Heather: I am a member of the Pussyfooters, which is an all women over 30 marching group who parade in Mardi Gras parades, fundraisers and special events throughout the year.
Contact Leslie by email at [email protected], follow her on Instagram at @beneworleans
Contact Heather by email at [email protected], follow her on Instagram at @heather shields_realtor and Facebook at @heathershieldsNOLA
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