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What area(s) do you service?
Greater Pierce County area & beyond - we're serving the market South of Seattle, bordered by the water on one side, the mountains, and military base on the other.
How did you get into real estate and what do you love about it?
Real estate is in my DNA. My parents were home builders, and even though I resisted it at first, it turned out to be a great fit. We started our own office because we saw a gap we thought we could fill. We love tech & marketing, and running a smaller office allows us to pivot faster towards emerging trends. We also wanted to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive space. Doing that requires trust and some hard conversations, and that's easier to do in a team-oriented environment. Everyone is valued here and as a result we sell a lot of houses -- and have fun doing it!
What made you want to live in your current area?
Dave and I were raised here in the Tacoma area (Gig Harbor more specifically). So we're PNW through and through. We picked our office location because it's close to the water, and conveniently located to the freeway and our beautiful historic neighborhoods.
What makes living in your area so special?
Once you get past the grey skies, the quality of life is pretty unmatched. I like the fact that our temperatures are mild and our foliage is green all year long. We have 47 miles of coastline here in Tacoma, so you're never far from the water. We're a small enough city that people know each other and are supportive of new restaurants and other entrepreneurs. It's totally possible to move here for work, find your people, get involved and make a difference!
If you want to get OUT of the city, it's a quick trip to Snoqualmie or White Pass, or to get on the water in the Summertime. Our area is famous for its ferries, and the network of islands that they service (think orcas & whales!)
A workday spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?
The PNW loves its coffee shops, breweries and bookstores and Tacoma is no different! A dream day for me is a run through the trails at Point Defiance Park (same designer as Central Park) then warming up with a cup of espresso, and maybe shopping in the afternoon at a local market or small business. We also have a great museum district and antique row!
Best restaurant/bar? Favorite spot for coffee?
En Rama for dinner and cocktails, Valhalla coffee for my beans, Jan Parker Cookery for best market food and Vien Dong for our family nights out.
A day in the life: how are you spending a day off in your neighborhood/area?
Tacoma is not the only fun place to spend the day! We have brokers who specialize in each of the surrounding areas and they all have great things to offer. Sumner has a really cute downtown, Dupont has bike/running friendly trails & beach access, Lakewood and Lake Tapps both draw in a ton of people with lakefront living & recreation. People who love being on the water also gravitate to Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and the Key Peninsula. With uptick in WFH options, we're finding more folks stretching their searches to include locations that were previously considered "remote."
What's your favorite hidden gem?
It's not really hidden, but the Conservatory at Wright Park is really worth the drive. It's being renovated now, and when it's done will offer something for everyone. The park itself has beautiful paths, sport courts & play areas and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bookstores etc. It's such an amazing gift to the city.
What is your favorite piece of your area's culture?
You can't talk about living here without paying respects to Mt. Rainier (first called Mt. Tahoma or Tacoma by the areas Salish speaking indigenous people). It's a spectacular, snow-capped volcano that is visible from all of the communities we serve. The 14,411 ft summit is a popular challenge for experienced climbers. We lovingly say "the mountain is out" when it's not hidden behind cloud cover.
Tell us a fun fact about you!
Hmmm. I leave all the fun to our office. They keep us laughing and it's just my job to help them be amazing!
Contact Anne by email at [email protected], follow her on Instagram at @tacomajones, and on Facebook at @windermereabode
Check out her website at www.windermereabode.com

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